Wednesday, 21 January 2015

wallpaper envy

As I said in an eralier post, not much has happened in our house for over a year. And I'm starting to feel a bit frustrated about it! All the time I'm bombarded with inspiration, not only from work but while browsing pinterest and blogs. In many ways our house is "finished" and I should rather remove than add furniture or decor. So, there isn't  a lot that I can do, which is the frustrating part, however inspired I might be. Anyway. Right now I am drooling over wallpapers, trying to figure out if I should invest the time and effort to remove the textured wall-coverings somewhere (we have them in every room in the house, but have painted over them) and experiment with a bold print. I'm very much in to dark, full sized prints with plant or animal themes right now... 

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