Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February seen from my phone

February wasn't a blog-month, apparently. I've done loads of things, but haven't brought my camera with me anywhere. In order to preserve this blogs original function - as my digital diary - I still want to summarize what I've been up to, through the lens of my iPhone, so I don't forget.

February started with me and A going to Bergen for a super short 
but kind of perfect weekend getaway

I went to London with my friends and ate some awesome and expensive food 
at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant

I started taking tap-lessons. 

I had a beer and my nails were dotted. 

I had a some intense Roller Derby practices,
 but my back doesn't want play nicely with me

These two were very cute. 

I got a valentines card from my BFF L back in Sweden. 
It made my day and I almost cried a little.

The flower in the bathroom was bright and happy

I went to Oslo for my first ever Lindy Hop event, Winter Jump
and got a fancy silver wrist-band

...and danced and danced

A sad looking cat was greeting you when you entered the from door

Dear E invited us for home made Swedish semla. Delish!

Lutunen and Söpö needed some looking after while T went skiing. I didn't mind. 
Look at those little faces!

and finally, my fringe is long enough to pin back. Need to refresh the color it though...

Oh, And i have also been watching Glee, the Walking dead and I've been listening to Game of Thrones as audio-book. I'm on book three now. 


  1. alltså så mycket fint här! vilka resor! och vilka fina glajjor! men framför allt älskar jag att du bara "börjat stepkurs". låter SÅ kul. är det svårt?

  2. svårt - ja, roligt - absolut! och ganska oväntat för min del. Jag har samma lärare som i Lindy Hop och klassen är direkt efteråt så jag bara hakade på. Testa på om du får chansen! :)