Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hello again! I'm sitting in my living-room, in the dark (I just started surfing and suddenly the sun had gone down!) writing this blog-post on a tiny Samsung laptop not much bigger than my iPhone, and jeez, you'd think you'd be use to these pocket-sized devices by now but NO! This is super annoying! My shoulders hurt and my face is about a hands-breadth from the screen at all times! Yuck. Anyway. The reason I'm using this back-up computer is because our real one is broken, and for once I really felt like blogging!

For weeks now, honestly for most of this year, my time has been spent working, lindy hopping, roller derbying (I hope to soon have completed all of my minimum skills!) and watching Netflix. Most weekends have been busy too, with travelling, training, my mom visited and other stuff. I now finally have FIVE unplanned and work-free (plus travel free) days ahead of me - starting the day after tomorrow, and somehow it feels like this is a breaking point, that I wont be as stressed out after that, and suddenly I felt a bit inspired again... We'll see what happens after Easter (I have a few more adventures coming up) but to start with I'm going to enjoy this Holiday as much as I can. I'm going to spend a lot of time by myself, which I have looked forward to, and have "saved" a bunch of activities for just this occasion.
Here's my Easter to-do list!

  • Pack away my winter clothes and bring out my spring ones! (yes, I know it's still cold and grey, but I'm tired of the lack of colors in my winter wardrobe)
  • color my hair! I'm considering trying a home de-coloring product... hmmm
  • paint! It's been ages, and I plan to try out something abstract... that's superhard.
  • re-plant some potted plants and sow some seeds. I bought some cool ones on my resent trip to England with Dad (look out for a UK-post soon)
  • clean the backyard! I hope for sunny weather...
  • give myself a mani-pedi
  • cook! I've bought a bunch of my favorite food-stuffs and now I just want to indulge in red beets, halloumi, avocado and other treats
  • sleep

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