Sunday, 5 April 2015

another new old dress

When dad and I were in UK a couple of weeks ago we took a detour on our way back to London on the last day because I had found a vintage dress shop online that I wanted to check out. I'm so glad we did! I've complained over and over again how hard it is to find vintage clothes in Norway so finding this place was a special treat. And lucky me - my dad was patient enough to join me and also helped picking out some dresses to try on. Thanks dad! This store - Frock n' Roll - had their clothes helpfully sorted in type and color but also very well tagged with age and style, plus good prices if you compare to Norwegian ones. I came away from there with three 50s dresses for about 90£ in total, two casual ones with flower patterns and one "party" dress.

Here's me in one of the casual ones, paired with a plain H&M cardigan (need to find me some cropped cardigans to go with my dresses...). I can't wait for summer to come so I can skip the tights!

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