Friday, 10 April 2015

Easter eats

One of the things I spent the most time doing during this Easter holiday was cooking and eating. I started the whole thing by going to one of my favorite supermarkets here in town and buy all of my favorite fruit and vegetables. I'm not going into much detail about every dish, but here are some of the things I (or A) put together over these days. 

Liba-bread "pizza" - I have explained this one before

I think I ate some variation of pizza or hot sandwich with avocado five times in five days. So good, can't fail with that. 

I had a go at a simple artichoke recipe but then remembered that i don't really like artichoke

Paired with some kale chips it was pretty good though

Fry-up with onion, sweet potato, and sausages - needed spicier sausages

A's homemade pizza. Delish!

I made this refreshing slushy made of frozen strawberries and Sprite. Highly recommended! 

And finally - I had a go at the trending chia-pudding. This one with banana and almond milk. I'm not overwhelmed in any sense, but I think I'll have another go... Doesn't look as nice as all the pinterest pictures I've seen...

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