Monday, 20 April 2015


So I finally got around to do some painting last weekend, after a break for many months. This time I had decided to have a go at something abstract, which I think is really hard. I usually start with an idea, get frustrated and end up painting over everything, and then its just a mess of brown. This time I did that for a bit, but then came back to the canvas when it had dried and ended up if not satisfied than at least content. I basically just wanted something to go next to T's bird on my "mantelpiece" and this works for that. 

While we're at it - this is where I paint, right next to my inspiration-board a.k.a tha gallery wall, where all my favorite prints and illustrations hang. Have a closer look here.

Stuff is piling up. Works in progress and things if feel that I'm done with. Storage and wall-space is a problem in this house. 

This is one of my favorites, so it gets to hang on a wall (where the light is pretty bad apparently), inspired by 60's comics and di Chirico, one of my idols. 

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