Thursday, 2 July 2015

I miss you!

My dear blog hasn't received any attention for over a two months now. I had actually started thinking about giving up on it - didn't really feel any inspiration - I would think about a post and then just not getting around to writing it. The accessibility of Instagram surely has had an effect too, I actually don't read as many blogs myself anymore but follow more people there. But. Then I needed to find a picture I knew I had posted half a year or so ago and started browsing through some of my old posts. And I miss this place! And, I remembered why I write here. This is my diary, and I've been keeping a diary for as long as I can remember, on and off. Especially in the summers these diaries have been filled with plans, dreams, drawings, lists and photos and I've always loved going back to read them. So I won't give up on this place just yet. Maybe I'll give it a bit of a make over, though. But first, just to celebrate the walk down memory lane that led me to this conlusion: here are three pictures of me, from today, one year ago and two years ago! Things change and time flies.

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