Monday, 13 July 2015

Rainy day project: foot-stool cover

We have this nice Lamino chair in our living room and I've been wanting to get a foot stool for it for years, but I haven't found an original. I've already made one DIY with this in mind but it didn't turn out great. I recently found this brown pouf at a garage sale and figured I could do something fun with it. I was thinking along the lines of sheep-skin.... I wanted something that would make it look more unified with the chair, but couldn't really figure out how... 

...Until I visited my mom a while back. She had kept some of the fabric that my dad used when he reupholstered the Lamino chair many years back. And luckily there was just the right amount of fabric for a pouf-cover - minus the top. But also luckily, I had already bought a small chair-cushion made of sheep-skin with this project in mind, so yesterday when inspiration suddenly struck I had all I needed at home!

It was a very simple project. Sew the fabric into a tube, turn it, sew the sheep-skin circle on to it - reverse side against reverse side, turn it back out - and done. There were actually only two complications,  the first was that I couldn't find my measure so I had to use a piece of string, and the second was to convince my sewing machine that yes, of course you can sew in sheep-skin and really thick fabric at the same time, don't be a pessimist!

And voilá! Here it is! Yes, the fabric on the chair is a bit worn but it looks so much better together than when the pouf was just miss-matched fake brown leather. And the sheep skin is much more cozy to have my feet on. Win and win. 

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