Tuesday, 1 September 2015

buh-bye August!

Hello there. So I haven't blogged much in a while again. I've simply had too much to do, for example working on a competition at work that meant a lot of overtime, Roller Derby practice has started again after the summer break and we are painting the house whenever the weather is good. Plus I got hooked on the tv-series Merlin on Netflix, so... But since I'm quite active on Instagram (as @magpie_sunrise) I thought I could make a short summary of the past month thorough a few of the picture I've posted there!

back to work after the summer break

out camping in the mountains with A over weekend
I had saved Season 9 of Doctor Who, and really liked 12!
Gold and animals on our staircase-wall
hydrangeas.... love them
I wore some gifts, Tardis-watch and shellfish-top
Handsome Hugo
My most "liked" picture ever. Breakfast smoothie. Well...
Hugo's hands
Tired feet on a Sunday
Cricket fell in love with a shoe
We'll see if September brings an increase of posts here! I don't want to promise too much because I'm going to travel all weekends but one this month, and then there are still like ten tv-series on Netflix I have to catch up on...

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