Friday, 4 September 2015

my dance shoes

In Herräng, at the Lindy Hop Shop, I splurged. On new, red Saint Savoy shoes. I hand't tried dancing in heels before, but it worked out perfectly. Sure after a couple of hours my feet were a bit sore, but no more than what would have been expected. After five nights of dancing I got a blister. But I loved dancing in these! Will save them for special occasions though. 

When I came back from Herräng I bough a second pair of dancing shoes, a pair of black Ked's. Yes, I know, completely wateful but at least I know that I will use these a lot, since I plan to dance for a long time. These will be my new everyday-dance shoes. I haven't danced with them yet, but they are really comfortable, with more arch support than I expected.  

Oh, and there are my tap shoes too. A gift from my dad this Christmas. They will also be more used now, I've started to practice on my own at home, with youtube-tutorials, so I can surprise my tap teacher/friend A... 

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