Wednesday, 28 October 2015


When we had visitors last weekend we cleaned the house. As you do. Or as most people do, no judging. I snapped a few iphone-pictures of the bedroom to create an illusion that this is how tidy it always looks. And to remind me how tidy it can look, I guess... 

We bought a new bedspread when we were in Portugal earlier this fall. Bedspreads are my nemesis(es?): I have bought a bunch of them over the past few years but have never been fully happy. This one makes me happy, though! It doesn't cover the whole bed, but I don't think that matters so much, I rather have this look than too much overhang. The one I had before touch the floor in all sides and that created a really messy feeling even on those rare occasions when I actually make the bed. 

I got that stuffed disillusioned guy as a gift from my dad. A couple of years ago. On Monday mornings it functions as my mirror.

I'm sure happy little cat-claws will be a challenge for this striped little darling, but oh well, so far no major damages! *crossing fingers*

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