Saturday, 3 October 2015


So I spent 4,5 days last week with my roller derby team in Porto, Portugal for a few days of team-building, relaxing, training and to finish it off - our first ever game. Or bout as it is actually called in derby terms. Due to the past months busy schedule both at work and privately I haven't really had time to think so much about this trip, more than planning the practicalities around it, so it's wasn't really until on the plane there I started looking forward to it. And, to be honest, to freak out a bit about the bout. Freak bout. Freak about. Hehe. Ehum.

I came later than the other girls because I had to work, but it was pretty sweet to suddenly just go away to a warm country when fall is becoming more and more present in Stavanger. Traveling with a group of ten people with strong wills can be a bit challenging at times, but we had a lot of fun. There were some good food, port wine tasting, late night dancing and out-door training, and of course the game, against the local team Roller Derby Porto. Our coach is from Porto so he had arranged for us to play the bout, a friendly and not as a part of any league or anything. We got our asses kicked and lost with about 200 points but we were all happy to have achieved the goal to finally play a bout with only players from our team. 

I came on the Wednesday and the game was on the Saturday so I had plenty of time to experience the place first. Porto is a really nice city, the typically European mix of old and new, baroque and modern side by side. We had a few really sunny days but also a few with thick mist coming in from the sea. 

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