Wednesday, 28 October 2015

my latest vintage find

I complain a lot about the difficulty of finding vintage clothes in Stavanger. There isn't really a lot of options, and to be honest, I have pretty much given up. I find my style going more and more towards simple, less girly looks these days , so I guess I haven't bothered looking that hard lately anyway. But then i found this little treasure, at Fretex! Fretex is the equivalent of the Salvation Army shops we have in Sweden, Myrornas, and it's pretty hard to find anything really old there, it's mostly just second hand stuff from chains. But as I was browsing around in there two weeks back I saw the fabric of this dress peeking out between stripes and plaid and fell head over heals. Lucky me, it was even in my size, a perfect fit! I first guessed it was a 50's dress because of the hand painted flowers, but after reading this blog post over at Elsa's blog, I'm leaning more towards early 60's, based on color scheme and the shape of the skirt.

I felt a bit First Lady-like in this dress, which is a bit humorous if you know my boyfriends last name... I even think my hair even wanted to play along for a change, yay! The photos turned put a bit blurry and red due to, you know, the indoor light situation after 4 in this part of the world... And my lack of energy to work in them. But anyway.

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