Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Pin curlin' n' Victory rollin'

I looooove retro hairstyles. I wish I could walk around every single day looking like Ava Gardner or Rita Hayworth. Unfortunately I'm not very skilled when it comes to hair. But before going out on Friday night I had a go at some kind of victory rolls, using pin curls as a way of prepping my hair for the do. 

Step 1. pin curls in damp hair with some setting fluid. 
Step 2. loosening the cursl with fingers. 
Step 3. shaping hair into rolls and fastening with hair pins. 

This is the result, not half bad if I may say so myself! And I may. 

If buying glasses wasn't so horrendously expensive I would get myself a pair of retro ones to match this look. My hipster-wannabe-aviator specs are looking just a bit out of place here. 

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