Tuesday, 13 October 2015


I've always loved sports. Most sports, actually. I like the feeling you get from trying something new, even if I only end up doing it once, but I also really enjoy competing... Always have. I've tried many different sports though the years, like tennis, karate, kayaking, surfing and activities that maybe doesn't qualifies as actual "sports", but are more very active hobbies such as scuba diving and free diving, yoga and rock climbing...

For a long time I played soccer, and was a pretty decent goal keeper. This was between the ages of maybe 11 and 18, and after that I tried picking it up again at the ages 26 (in Gothenburg) and 28 (in Stavanger), but it was never as much fun. It's hard joining a team when you are older, especially if all the others have been a part of the team for a long time...

Therefore I'm even happier I dared to throw myself into something new again at the age of 31. Both Roller derby and Lindy hop presents me with new challenges, activates me without feeling like I'm exercising and I've gotten to know a bunch of great new people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. So, as a summary my New Year's resolution from last year to "try new things" turned out to be one of the best things I've done!

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