Monday, 5 October 2015

Things I look forward to this fall

Just one thing first. Fall. Or autumn? I know one is British English and the other American, and I also know that I'm not very consistent either when I speak or when I write, I mainly just chose whatever feels most natural at the time, but this word? Fall seems so... Short and inconsequential, and doesn't really communicate the loooong dreary season that this can in Scandinavia. Autumn, however, sounds suitably somber, but doesn't come very natural when spoken.
Never mind. I never know which one to use, but it doesn't make it less true that it's here. Summer was prolonged for me since we actually had nice weather much of September, and then I went to Portugal where it was still warm, but now it is irrevocably here. And this is what I look forward to thee upcoming months:

  • Free weekends. Yes. I've been traveling three weekends in a row and it is to much, however fun it was. 
  • Trying out print-screening. I got the equipment from A as a Christmas gift but haven't gotten around to start using it yet. Now I will have time. 
  • Making home-made body scrub.
  • Movie marathons... I'm thinking the classics like all of the Harry Potter movies in one weekend, or all Lord of the rings movies in one day. Love it.
  • Coloring my hair. It's time.
  • Cleaning out my closet, replacing summer with fall clothes.
  • Dancing in Stuttgart.
  • Going to a spa. I haven't booked anything yet, but I hope to be able to treat myself with a bath in a warm pool and a massage. 
  • Dinners with friends. I'm not a very frequent hostess, but eating at home together with friends is something I want to do more often. Casually and on a weekday preferably. 
  • Spending time with A. Our separate hobbies and busy work schedules have kept us apart more than I like these past few months. I want to spend more time with my BBFF (best boy friend forever). 

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