Sunday, 4 October 2015

Two random things that made me happy this week

1. James Marsters.
I first heard of the book series Dresden Files in 2007 when I lived in, you guessed it, Dresden. These books have nothing to do with that particular German city though, and I actually came across it since I was googling James Marsters, who played Spike in my all time favorite tv-series Buffy the vampire slayer, and found out that mr Marsters has lent his voice to the recording of these books. I guess it was here somewhere that my infatuation with audio-books started. I love the Dresden files. It is an urban fantasy series about a wizard in modern day Chicago. I've now listened to all 15 books in the series and am eagerly waiting for number 16, but as luck had it, last time I was browsing Audible where I buy most of my audio-books I found a book of short stories from the Dresden files universe. And after having listened for only five minutes I am smitten with the series all over again. And with mr Marsters of course. He has a great voice. I might just start listen to all the books all over again. For the fifth time of so.

2. My new shampoo and conditioner.
I bought these just because they're supposedly good for fakes blonds like me. Or enhanced blond, rather. Anyway, when I opened the bottles for the first time this week I realized that the shampoo smells exactly like those popsicles you could get when I was a child, the ones you bought a whole package off, in different colors, and I used to steal them from the freezer all the time. This shampoo smells like the dark red ones, probably some E-version of raspberry. Lovely. I had a full on nostalgia trip there in the shower! And the conditioner smells like mango, and that's just fine too.

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