Sunday, 8 November 2015

another weekend...

Here's a few tidbits from my weekend seen through my phone! On Friday I took  the Amazing A with me to watch a dance show my two dance teachers were in. There was a lot of waiting and some not so great performances but my two friends were great as usual. Afterwards we went out for beer and pool! Very high school. I wore my pretty mustard 60s dress. Good times.

Yesterday me and A went hiking with our friend O and his dog Margo, up Lifjellet. It was pretty tough... the guys kept a pretty fast pace and it was very steep sometimes. But worth it.

After that A and I had a datenight with dinner and a movie. We saw the new James Bond movie and it was OK. Not awesome. *roger moore for life*

Today has been a lazy day with some cleaning and a nice walk with my gal pal T. Well needed. And that was that weekend!

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