Thursday, 14 January 2016


Hello darling reader! Today is a big day. This, the text you are reading RIGHT NOW, is my 1.000 blog-post. It's pretty cool. I've been blogging on a off since 2010, and it's been fun. I love looking back at my posts, it is such a great diary, be it a well polished and discrete diary. I didn't start very fancy, and the pictures from back then have pretty bad quality, but it's fun to look back. I can see that I have improved, although my ambition still isn't super high.

selfie of 2010. So cute! 
My plans for this blog in 2016 is very unclear, depending on many things. It might grow, completely change subject, or continue pretty much the same. As it is now I just want to celebrate my one thousand post with a pat on my own back and a link to my first ever blog-post, where it all started!

Have a great day, peeps. XOXO

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