Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Botox, birthday and Joy.

Hello bloggy. Today has been a day in my life. Not an unusually good or bad day, but a pretty normal day. Except for three things:

1. I started the day with an appointment with my eye specialist and then a new eye doctor. Progress! It's now decided that I will have a Botox injection in one of my eyes to treat my cross eyedness. Finally a plan! Although a bit of a scary plan...

2. it's my dear moms birthday! Hip hip! Hope you had a good one, mom! 

3. I went and saw the movie Joy with my friend C. It was great. Inspiring, sad, fun and smart. Sometimes beautiful. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.

Oh and I was wearing my power-Astrid t-shirt. That makes any day a bit special in my eyes. 

Tomorrow is Thursday, only two more days until the weekend, yaaay!

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