Friday, 1 January 2016

December 2015

Happy new year! Long time no blog, again. My blogging comes and goes in waves, these days. This time my time off has been mostly because I've been busy doing stuff and not really feeling like blogging about it. But now that I have some spare time and things are getting more settled I'm back in business. Before diving into all things new and shiny about 2016 I just want to summarize the final month of 2015, a month when I didn't blog at all...  Here's a few snippets from my December!, from my iPhone!

the only seasonal decoration in our house this year. Hyacinths and a few candles

It was dark, almost all the time.

I dressed up as a christmas tree for a social dance, and bought new glasses
celebrating Christmas at my mom's house, with a bunch of gifts, as usual

We got engaged!! Actually we got engaged November 5th, but only revealed it in December...

and finished off by winning the Couple of the year award at our friend T's new years party

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