Saturday, 2 January 2016

Follow up - new year's resolutions of 2015

I like new year's resolutions. I'm typically one of those people who loves "a fresh start" and keep on saying "this Monday, that's when my new life will begin". Of course, equally typically I keep failing with keeping my resolutions, and I keep falling back into my bad habits (like hitting the snooze button for an hour, or eating chocolate for dinner) over and over again. But that's fine. I'm OK with that. But that's also why my new years resolutions are more focused on fun things and achievements. More of a to do list with thing I know I can actually accomplish. And now, let's see how that worked out for me during 2015!

Three new experiences I want to have during 2015

  • Go to Herräng Dance camp
    Yes I did that, and it was one of the best things I've ever done!
  • Go to a Metallica concert
    Nope, didn't even try actually. Tickets were sold out and I was busy that weekend... :(
  • Visit New York
    Nope, didn't happen! But I traveled a bit too much anyway, for dancing and Roller Derby. I visited Denmark, Portugal, Germany, England and of course Sweden this year. 

Three New skills I want to learn

  • how to sit in lotus position (Sukhasana)
    Nope. I ended up not doing a lot of yoga after all, my Roller Derby and dance traning took up too much time
  • master the derby stop (and honestly all of the other RD minimum skills)
    Yepp! There's a win! Not only did I complete my RD minimum skills, I played 5 bouts in total!
  • taking better pictures with my DSLR
    Eh, not really. I keep relying on my iPhone camera too much, and haven't really worked on that skill at all.

Three New habits to aim for

  • stop snoozing
    Started off good, ended in disaster. I snooze waaaaay too much. 
  • floss every now and then
    Eh, not really, I must admit. 
  • spend less money on unnecessary things
    I don't know. Maybe. I spend most of my money on traveling, as it is now. 

Three health-related things I should do

  • by new glasses, and contacts if possible
    Yes, I bough new glasses. Not sure they are so good for me though. Still need to contact my eye-doctor and come up with a real plan for my eyes.
  • go to the dentist, juts for a check up
    Did I? I don't remember... probably not. 
  • get at new "house-doctor", since my last one quit
    I settled on my default one, which is OK. I did get a new chiropractor and physiotherapist since my back has been a total mess the last 3 months of 2015.

Three fun things I want to do more often

  • read (actually read, not listen to) books
    No. Not many, at least.
  • invite friends home
    Maybe a bit better than previous years...
  • play with the cats
    I have cuddled a lot with them, could definitely play more with them.

To be honest, it doesn't really seem like I was successful on that many of my goals for 2015. I think I will have to transfer some of these items on my list for this year! However, the past year has been one of the more fun ones in a long time, with a lot of dancing - which I grew to really love, a lot of Roller Derby - which I've since had to take a break from due to back pain, and a pretty good year at work. I'm also as happy as ever together with my now fiancé, the Amazing A! So all in all, I want to call this one of my favorite years so far. Mostly ups, only a few downs, at least on a personal level.

When it comes to a global level many things have sucked so bad. Intolerance, terror and egoism keeps scaring me and I hope to see less of that in 2016. Fingers crossed...

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