Monday, 4 January 2016

I read: without you, there is no us

The mysterious North Korea has always fascinated me, although I don't know much about it. Well I guess most people know very little, but I have never tried to enlighten myself either. Until I picked up this book, by Suki Kim in a bookshop at Kastrup airport just before Christmas. I ended up finishing the morning of January 1st, and enjoyed most of the time I spent with it. Kim describes a period of time in 2011, when she worked as a teacher in a school for upper class North Korean boys, or rather young men. She also tells the story of her family and how they fled from South Korea to the US when she was thirteen. I must admit I liked the parts from the school best, it's so fascinating and surreal to read what these students believe of the rest of the world and their thought of their own lives. It's well written and thoughtful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more of the worlds most secretive country.

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