Saturday, 16 January 2016

Wedding prep: DIY table decorations

I decided quite early on that I wanted gold and white as color scheme for our wedding party. Not that it felt really important, but a lot of things come in gold and I already had gold spray paint, so... The Amazing A supported the idea and so we started preparing. These were some of my inspiration early on! From my Pinteres (sources below each collage) 

1, 2 3, 4

When it comesto decorations and centerpieces I want to go mostly diy and second hand. I went on a thrift store shopping spree with my friend T, and brought home a bunch of brass candle holders, glass tea light holders and vases in clear glass and white porcelain. Some of these I'm going to use as they are, some I've painted or spray painted gold. The plan is to have a random look but with an cohesive overall theme.

Greenery is important and also tricky this time of year. I'm going to scavenge the forests around here for evergreens, and then add some bought flowers, like tulips, hydrangea, orchids or tulips, depending on what's available close to that day. All white. I'm also planing on adding some clean branches from our garden, maybe spray painted gold, but we'll see... Pinterest inspo:

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