Monday, 15 February 2016

Catching up

Wow. This past 10 days have been amazing and so packed with stuff I hardly know where to start. So I won't, yet. I have to catch up and sort through like a gazillion photos and then I'll come back with the highlights of our two wedding parties. Today I'll settle for an old classic here on the blog: Monday top three. Håll till godo!

1. I have a cold. That in itself is pretty lousy, but how great is it that it happen now and not two days ago? Lucky!

2. I'm changing my name! Just filled put the online form, and now the process can begin. Exciting! I was considering throwing in a few extra names while I was at it, but didn't. Five will be enough.

3. Leftovers. While I was resting on the couch my husband (first time I wrote husband on the blog!) and our fabulous friend T went and picked up some stuff from the party venue. Like the leftovers of our wedding cake. Nom!

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