Sunday, 6 March 2016

I watch: Suits

One of my many talents is to binge-watch Netflix series. I prefer the ones where there are at least 5 seasons so I can really immerse myself in that particular universe, for a week or two (ahem). I tend to favor series with supernatural, dystopian, or fantasy elements, like The walking dead, Game of Thrones or Supernatural, but every now I then I indulge in some comedy or light drama. I recently finished the new Netflix production Love ( liked it, didn't love it) and was looking for something new, with more episodes. That's when I finally started watching Suits, a show that has been on my list for a while. And now in hooked!  If there's one occupation besides a medical doctor I could never be, it's a lawyer or anything to do with law (although I still nurture a dream of being a cop) so this series is almost as surreal to me as Buffy the vampire slayer. But I immediately fell in like with almost every single character. It hasn't got a single supernatural element in it, the only unusual thing is that one of the main characters has photographic memory, and in some ways it reminds me of another great show, House MD, but instead of one arrogant genius, you gave one arrogant suave lawyer and one genius fake lawyer. The plots and twists are interesting, the super fancy office environments are sexy and the suits (there a lot of talk about suits in this show) are taylored. Another plus is that Gina Torres from Firefly has a major role as an intelligent and forceful boss. Me like. Also Gabriel Macht (how cool is that name by the way?) has pretty brown eyes. 

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