Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Oh! Check out what i found!! #tbt

Before I pull myself together and start editing the photos from our two wedding parties, our not-honeymoon-trip to Brunei and other stuff that should be presented here on the blog I just have to show these good ol' pics that I found in a random folder on my PC: Karate-me! this is me being about 22-23 or so, I think, a member of my university karate club, practicing the style Shito-ryu.  Good times.

And check out this wild video! 


  1. Åh vilka minnen! Det känns som lääääänge sedan! Men jag kan inte se videon :(

  2. näe, funkar inte när jag förösker se på mobilen, men funkar från PC'n! Undrar om jag kan fixa det på nåt sätt... men vad kul vi hade! :)