Thursday, 31 March 2016

The big news, as told from the past

Big news, told as I experienced them back in November...

November 3rd, 2015
So. I know I won't be posting this blog-post for a while, if ever. The reason is something that might happen, and tomorrow, or at least within a few days of tomorrow I will know if the thing will happen. Or most likely will happen. The thing, or the possibility of a thing, is a move. To another country. I'm not going to write much about it, even though I know a bit. Because I don't want to think that much about it, really. Not before I know. But it's such a weird feeling, knowing that tomorrow I'll know if my life will drastically change in the not so far future. Knowing that tomorrow might be the day when I need to start planning a completely different life. It's weird. And scary. So I'm trying not to think about it. But at the same time I wanted to make a record of this. Although I might never post it. Because it might never happen.

I wonder if I will feel disappointed if the answer is no. Or if I will feel relieved. I'm pretty sure I'll be panicked and happy if the answer is yes. 

November 4th, 14:27
Still no news. Might be we don't get it today. I feel anxious and weird, and I have issues catching my breath. That isn't really new, but it's worse today. This is all so strange. Will life continue as it is or will it change? I mean stuff change all the time, but it's rare to have such defined lines between the old and the new. 

Still no news. But right now I feel scared that answer is yes. Scared. My pulse is high and my chest feels tight. 

OK, so today wasn't the day we got the answer. That's fine. Maybe I can calm down a bit now. My beloved A is warming up some food, I'm going to do some laundry and maybe we'll watch a DVD. Like a normal day. Like a normal day in our life that might continue just like this for quite a bit longer. Which would be really nice. And then, maybe not. Maybe we'll know tomorrow. 

November 5th, 09:58
The answer was yes. Shit. 

Also, we kind of got engaged today. I proposed in a text message and he said yes. 

now what? I have to call my family! But then there's the issue with my job... And the risks of giving up a life here when there still is a change things will get called off. That's the tricky part. 

November 6th, 10:53
So. Today is the day I would want to speak with my boss. Tell him about the situation. But no opportunity has presented itself yet. I don't want it to be official information until things are a bit more clear. I'm nervous. Like seriously nervous. 

OK so I've told my two bosses. They took it very well. Now I feel so much more relaxed...


March 31st, 2016

Hey folks. So the big news will not be big news for most people reading this. Most of you already know. But I figured it was time to make it official, for realz. We're moving. To Brunei.

Yup. That's far away.

My dear husband got a new position at his job and now we are leaving in about a month or two. If the visa application doesn't fall through, that is. I've resign from my job and will have my last day at the office in the middle of April.

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