Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Home styling

Me staying behind in Norway for a while has been quite practical for one reason. Now I get the time to do a few of those small projects that we never got around to in the house, before renting it out. There's no furniture left in the house but since the cats still live in it I go and hang out there a few hours a day anyway. This is the to do list of thing I hope to get done before I leave:

  • Replace a missing ceiling list in the kitchen 
  • Install floor lists along the kitchen bench 
  • Touch up the paint on the kitchen cabinets
  • Touch up the paint on the facades where it has been damaged due to some construction work our neighbors have done
  • Clean and reinstall the (fake...) mullions on the windows of the first floor 
  • Have a contractor repair the window framing on one of the kitchen windows
  • Have same contractor give a quote on replacing the other kitchen window
  • Get a quote on tiling the kitchen splash back - subway tiles! 
  • Touch up paint on the kitchen wall 
  • Clean up the garden
  • Drive away loads of garbage
  • Clean out fridge and freezer

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