Friday, 15 April 2016

we got married!

We got married in February. I'm not really used to calling Andreas my husband yet, but now he is! And it feels pretty great. I've now just finished with our wedding photo-book and is actually pretty tired of looking at the pictures, but since I showed so much of my inspiration and thoughts when planning for our wedding day and the party a week later, it would be weird not to show just a little bit on how it turned out. But I will save most of the pictures for us and our family. Here goes:

Andreas snapped a few photos of me when I was getting ready at the hotel.

I had some nice inspiration for my hair, and even though the hair stylist went in a bit more traditional direction than I had expected I was really happy with the look. Unfortunately the weather made a mess of it pretty quick, but oh well, that's what I get for getting married in February, in Sweden.

Remember my thoughts on dresses? Well, this is what I ended up looking like. Vintage 60's dress rented from Elsa Billgren. I chose it because I wanted a short dress with long sleeves, and I'm pretty happy with the result. 

We took our wedding photos at Trädgårdsföreningen in Gothenburg, photographer was Viktor Sundberg. It was really cold and a bit rainy but Viktor, his assistant and our friend Emma helped making it an enjoyable experience. We finished ended up also snapping a few photos in the venue where we had the ceremony, at our old high school, Rudebecks. Those photos makes me really happy! I think we look pretty darn adorable on that bench where we used to sit, over 15 years ago. 

I'm so happy with how my bouquet turned out! I sent some of my inspiration-pics to my mom and she took care of ordering it. I think she did a great job explaining what I wanted, and so did the florist, who got the idea. Yay!

Finally a few photos from our party in Stavanger, that we had a week after the ceremony in Gothenburg. Basically we celebrated the whole weekend with our friends and family that traveled here from Sweden and other places, but well, most photos a blurry! I do have some decent ones of the table settings that turned out pretty awesome, if I may say so myself. Thrifted vases and chandeliers in gold and white, white roses and tulips, a few white porcelain animals plus plenty of common ivy, And heaps of candles. Loved it.

And our cake!  Turned out lovely! You can't tell, but this is a very nice and moist chocolate cake... Also this one in white and gold, with real white roses on. From Frederiks bakery. Too bad the quality of these photos are not great, because all of this looked sooooo nice...

And here's my favorite photo of all. Many people had already left when we took a break from dancing to take this groupie. Many of my most favorite people in the world, sweaty and happy.

Our two parties turned out better than we could have imagined and we are so happy and thankful for all of it. We did put in quite a lot of effort in preparations, but not overly much. We took help from friends and family (tack så mycket!!) and focused on what we thought was most important, to have fun and not get stressed. 

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  1. Grattis :) väldigt vackert måste jag ju säga :) älskar hela din bröllopslook :)
    Btw gillar att du har gömt en Tardis i din header :)