Monday, 9 May 2016


My number one favorite TV-series all categories is Buffy the vampire slayer. I usually re-watch the series from start to finish every three years or so, saving it for a period when I know I'll have lots of time by myself to just indulge. Now it's been a while though, but I recently had the inspiration to watch again after listening to the Swedish podcast Buffypodden. I thought I could resist and just listen to the pod - in it they discuss all of the episodes, starting from season 1, but when they were talking about seasons two episodes Surprise and Innocence I couldn't resist anymore because the fabulousness that is Buffyverse sucked me in.

Being stuck here in Stavanger with no job and a lot of time on my hands of course provided me with an excellent opportunity to relive the magic of Sunnydale. I've watched 5 full seasons in about 4 weeks. That's ca 100 episodes. I actually skipped the first season because... It's not as good as the rest. My record is 15 episodes in a day.

Unfortunately season 5-7 gets pretty dark and as I get more stressed about being here and at the same time more aware that my time with my friends is coming to an end the sadness in the show gets to me more and more. But that always happens, anyway. Oh well. Tv is beautiful. 

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