Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Emma's kitchen

In staying at my friend Emma's house while we wait to get the cats travel arrangements in order. One great thing about Emma - except the fact that she's letting me stay in her guest room indefinitely- is that she is an awesome cook. We've been eating dinner together here several times since i came here and every time she amazes me with what she comes up with. With various ingredients from her kitchen she throws something super tasty together, that seems to be pure improvisation, but which more likely is based on experience...

Like this curry salmon with rise and a root vegetable sallad

or fresh pasta with avocado and tomatoes in a wild garlic sauce

Emma definitely inspires me to cook more and try out more fun ingredients, maybe once I'm in Brunei and have a kitchen of my own again I can start actually enjoy cooking!

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  1. Åh, jag som ju inte ätit frukost än blev döööhungrig nu :P Det såg så himla, himla gott ut!