Thursday, 19 May 2016

it's my birthday

Today I was thoroughly celebrated by my friends here in Stavanger, got phone calls and texts from my family in Sweden, a bunch of sweet greetings on Facebook, plus a surprise a delivery from my beloved husband in Brunei. Turning 33 feels pretty good, even though I'm in a weird situation with no real home at the moment. Luckily I have real friends, and people that makes me happy in my life!

Emma made one of my favorite dishes - haloumi burgers - and told me to invite my friends for dinner!

I played Cards against humanity with these gorgeous girls and laughed until my face hurt

Happy wife with a huge bouquet of roses and in a dress from husband.

 Yep, seriously spoiled with gift certificates, roses, chocolate, home made cards, bubbles, tap shoes (!) ear rings and a cardigan courtesy of  mom. Thank you everyone! 

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