Monday, 23 May 2016

New eye-wear

After a visit to my eye doctor a few months back when we could conclude that the Botox I got in one of my eyes to get rid of my cross-eyedness hadn't worked, we decided that I should just get new glasses with a stronger (?) prism, and that this would hopefully help a bit. Annoying that the Botox didn't work, but what can you do. So, here they are, my new ones! They are of the brand Vasuma, I think the model is called Eggeater (?) and they are in rose gold. It was love at first sight (höhö) and I felt really good about them from the start. 

I've been wanting glasses with a pilot look for a while, and after seeing Sandra of the blog Atilio wearing her silver ones I was even more sure about the choice. Not only does Sandra has one of my favorite blogs right now, she also beautiful, and even though she doesn't wear her glasses in photos much, I think she could, because they are awesome. 

Another looks-related thing: I'm wearing my hair parted in the middle a lot these days. I used to hate how it looks but for some reason I think it works now. I mean I do look a little bit like a young Taylor Hanson, but I don't know. Maybe that's my new thing. 

Oh, and while on the subject of looking like someone and my new glasses. I wore them when me and my friend Steve went for a beer at the local Irish pub on Saturday and the bartender couldn't get over the fact that these were my real glasses, that I would wear everyday. She though I look "Breaking Bad" in them... not sure what to make of that comment, other than that I apparently look like this:

Oh well! Could have been worse!

Sorry again for the continuous use of iPhone photos in my blog. When I'm settled down in Brunei with a proper desk I will start using my camera plus lightroom more frequently and the quality will hopefully improve. 

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