Monday, 9 May 2016

Sunny days

Weirdly, this is not a photo from Brunei... I'm still in Norway, but summer came! I didn't think I would get to experience it here in Stavanger this year, but I did! At least for a few days, or for as long as it will last this time. This Sunday I spent working in the garden, making it pretty for when we're renting it out, then I went with my friend Tuulikki and some other nice people to a beach outside of town, and in the evening I had an impromptu barbecue with two other friends in our backyard. That's what happens when you get 24 degree Celsius in Norway early in May. You try to squeeze every summery thing you can into one day, because who knows when you'll ever get the chance again?

I guess that approach will change when I've moved to Brunei... Until then, I'll just pretend I have summer holidays here. Not so bad when Stavanger looks like Spain, or something. 

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