Thursday, 19 May 2016

the last dance

another good thing about being stuck in Stavanger is that I got the chance to take part in a dance event that me and my fellow dance friends in Stavanger Swingcats organized this year. Step off the Edge 2016! We invited three teachers from Stockholm, London and Stuttgart to teach classes during the weekend workshop, together with our local teachers (two of the best people I know) Steve and Alison. This event included - at least for me - private tap class and informal social dance on Friday, 4 classes in tap, lindy and solo jazz plus fancy social dance on Saturday, 4 classes plus relaxing on Sunday, hiking to Preikestolen plus lindy class and informal tap class on Monday. And then we had the champagne breakfast on Tuesday that was 17th of may. It was an intense and awesome weekend that I got to spend with some of my favorite people plus some new ones, while dancing until my feet hurt.

I miss Andreas a lot, but I'm still really glad I didn't miss out on this weekend!

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