Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The loooong farewell

Of course I would rather be in Brunei with Andreas. It's a given. I miss him. But there are a few good things about being left here in Stavanger too, and right now I try to focus on them.

I felt a bit rushed when the date for the move suddenly was decided, but now that I had to stay behind with the cats I get to have a slower transition, that I think is good for me. I get to spend some extra time with my friends. I get to fix all of those little projects in the house that we never had time for before. And I get to say goodbye to Stavanger.
I think I've felt pretty done with this city for a few years. It was only the people here that made it worth staying. And our little house, of course. But the city in itself? Not that exciting anymore. But now as I have the time to walk around it, especially in the beautiful weather we've had this past week, I start feeling nostalgic. I realize that I won't come back here for who knows how long, and I try to memorize my favorite spots. I go in to all of my favorite shops and coffee houses. I eat at my favorite restaurants with my friends. And snap gazillions of photos with my phone. 

Waking through Gamle Stavanger, the old part of town, on my way home to one of my best friends, Steve, apartment. I've walked here a lot this past year, on my way to a dinner, a tap practice session or a party. It's one of the prettiest parts of town.

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