Monday, 20 June 2016

Let me present: the floor plan

Yes, there will be quite a few house and interior design posts here for a while. I'm an architect with a new house to play with, live with it. And we get the keys tomorrow! And our furniture arrives on Friday, if all goes well...

Our new home is a white two story house. On the ground floor there's only the Amah quarters (where if you'd have a Amah - or live in maid - that person would live) that consists of a small room, a small kitchen and a toilet plus shower. Since we are not planning to employ an Amah we will most likely use this space as a guest room and the kitchen as laundry room. There's also a pretty big storage room with ground floor access, next to the parking space under the house. We are still a bit unclear on how we will use these parts of the house, but I've already planned out most of the first floor.

On the first floor, with access both from the main entrance and from a back door, there are 2 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. And a big balcony/porch.We will most likely use the smaller bedroom as an office/studio where I will work, study and keep busy with various projects. Like blogging!

I don't have an actual floor plan, and I don't have any measurements or info on square meters, but here's a sketch I made from memory after we visited the house a week ago. I think I might have drawn the living room a bit big, but you at least get the idea.

And here's how I plan to furnish it! I'm dividing the living room into four parts, the entrance, the library, the dining area and the den. I'm just now working on mood boards for all parts and rooms in the house, to help create an well balanced and unified interior. I also find it very helpful with mood boards when I'm going to buy new stuff for the house, it forces me to visualize what feeling I want in different areas and then makes it easier to stick to it. And to remove things that doesn't fit in. I will come back with all of these mood boards one after the other as we move in.

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