Saturday, 18 June 2016

new house check list

Before we bought our house in Stavanger I set up a wishlist for what I wanted in our new home. The wishlist was semi-realistic but most of the wishes actually came true when we found our tiny house in 2012. This time there were not as many different homes to chose from, but the house we ended up picking still meets quite a lot of the requirements i had back then!

I want a balcony
Well since this house has both a pretty big garden (with palm-trees!) and a big deck on the second floor I think we can say "check" on this one

it should be at least as big as our current apartment
Our house in Stavanger was actually smaller than our previous apartment, but this house is bigger! I don't have the numbers, but it is.

preferably pretty close to the city center
Hmmm. No. But what city? This house is really close to the Andreas' office, one of the social clubs (with gym and pool) and the ocean. I think that is close enough to enough stuff. We will have to get a car (which I find annoying having managed without one for so long) so we will have easy access to the two small towns close to Panaga where we live.

an open fireplace would be nice
Nope. And you might think this wouldn't be necessary when you live in a country where it's always ca 28-32 degrees, but with all of the air-conditioning I still find it chilly inside. 

it should have a bed room big enough for a king size bed. And being able to walk around it without banging my shins on the frame.
Yup! Obviously this depends on how we furnish, but still, I think this is the largest bedroom I've had. Not huge, but big enough. Not enough room for my clothes though.

separate kitchen, please
Yes! But it is quite small and we wont be able to fit all appliances in there so we will have to keep the fridge/freezer in the dining area of the living room. Which I find kind of irritating. Oh well.

some fun but sort of easy renovation projects would be great
Well. Nah, not really. But this is only a rental so it's good we don't have to do to much. I still think it will be challenge enough to make this house a home that looks like I want it to, because of some quirks I will come back to in another post. 

we need lots of storage space for all our stuff
Yes and no. We will have a whole storage room on the first floor, but it will most likely be unsuitable to store for example clothes in because it will be hot and humid in there. And there is not enough closet space. Another fun challenge to solve!


  1. You basically have the same exact checklist I had when I was shopping for a home. No better feeling that sitting on the balcony and sipping lemonade in the summer. A huge bedroom is also a plus, especially in the middle of the night when you can't see where you're going and therefore can't dodge sleeping dogs or cats!

    1. yeah, it's totaly important to be able to walk around in the dark without too much of a risk for bruises... for me or the cats! :)