Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pros and cons with our new house

I guess this post might have well been called: things that annoys me about our new house. But I'm going to look at the functional and aesthetic obstacles as challenges instead of problems. Because I'm optimistic like that... plus, I'm also going to mention all of the really, really positive things about it too, so it all balances out. I'll start with the bad stuff though, because everyone loves a challenge, right?

entrance door and part of the living room


The cons

The light fixtures. All of them.
The whole house has"bucket lights" integrated in the ceiling, with light bulbs that gives a cold and not at all cozy light. There are no power outlets in the ceiling so adding additional more personal lighting might be a lot of work. We'll see. I'm already looking in to ways of covering or softening the impact of these fixtures. 

The tile in the kitchen
Not so much the tile in itself although it's not exactly sexiest as far as tiles go, but why have it on all walls, all the way to the ceiling?! I guess it's easy to clean and all but it makes it completely impossible to add extra storage in the shape of shelves or cupboards, of even the tiniest of spice racks. Sigh. Also it makes the kitchen feel cold and not very friendly. This requires some smart solutions and careful decoration to make it look more personal. Challenge accepted!

Windows without windowsills or framing
Where am I going to put all the plants?! And the windows looks so naked without any trim... Here I will have to work with ways of taking the focus away from the windows and rather focusing on what outside - or inside in the rooms. 

Built in curtain rods with pelmet (cornice)
Allows for no flexibility at all when it comes to how high or how high I want my drapes. Come on! The ceiling is so high it would have looked awesome with long curtains! Or curtains along one full wall in some of the rooms. Will have to figure out if there is a way of ignoring this...

Electrical outlets right in the middle of a wall, not along the floor
Nuff said. It's going to make furnishing a bit tricky at some spots.

The AC's 
There's no way to get away from the fact that we need them. Too bad that have to be so... boring looking?



The pros

A blank slate
The interior if the house doesn't really have a character of it's own, with every wall painted white and no decorations or embellishments to consider when decorating. I already have a pretty good idea of where all of our furniture will go and look forward to try and make it look like ours.

The floor
The whole house - except the bathroom - dark brown, polished hardwood floor. I don't know what type of wood it is, but it looks good and I like the dark color in contrast with all the white. I think it will be very easy to work with, and it will go well with our furniture.

The size
Sure, I haven't figured out exactly where we are going to put the litter boxes, but every other piece of furniture we own will fit here. Hopefully it will even look less crowded since we have one room more than in our old house. Plus we have a guest room with a guest toilet plus a large storage room  in the first floor so we might even have to buy some new stuff. Feels good.

The balcony. Or porch or whatever it is called.
This is going to be fun to decorate. I have this tropical outdoor living-room in mind. Yay!

The garden
To be honest this will not be first priority, mainly because it feels more important to get the indoors ready, but having a garden with palm trees feels pretty darn amazing. I have no idea of where to start, but I'm sure it will be fun.

There's a bathroom with a bathtub
I haven't lived in a house/apartment with a bathtub since my first ever apartment when I was 19! I'm not sure how much I'll actually use it, but I'm excited!

The laundry room
There's a room adjacent to the first floor guest room that can be used as a laundry room. I'm so relieved I wont have to have wet clothes hanging all over the house all the time. Phew.

built in closet in bedroom
storage room 
guest room with laundry room and toilet
Obviously the positive things far far outweigh the negatives ones. The negatives are mostly details and of a aesthetic nature, while the positive have a more important impact on how we can live our daily life here. Plus, again, I actually look forward to see how I can solve these issues in a satisfactory way. I'll probably come back to each of these problems as I tackle them!

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