Friday, 17 June 2016

Sartorial musings

It's no secret I like clothes. And I like dressing up. And shopping. I can brows web-shops for hour dreaming of pretty dresses. It's a bit hard to describe what my style is and it varies a bit since I usually adapt what I wear after the situations I'm in, but I do tend to favor dresses, preferable with a retro look. Some of my friends (Rich) might be surprised by this but I'm no stranger to a good pair of trousers, altough I definitely have more dresses in my wardrobe. But here's the issue - what do I wear here? My whole wardrobe is - of course - suitable for life in Norway, with considerable lower temperature and a different culture. Here in Brunei there are several things to think about when getting dressed, like the heat and humidity, obviously, but also a different culture whit some restrictions on what is OK to wear in public. I'm not sure exactly how these restrictions presents themselves in practice and I will have to observe for a while until I get a feeling for it. And then there is the ting that I wont have an office to go to every day. Hmm.

I do own some summer clothes that works for warmer weather, and I bought some more before coming here, but they are not really me. Short shorts and long, thin dresses are not what I like best. And that's one thing that I worry a bit about, that I wont feel comfortable wearing what I like the best - skater or swing dresses with skirts to just above the knee. Or that I'll end up just lounging around in comfy clothes all day.

These first days here I've been wearing almost exactly the same things every day: a pair of light and comfy (but hardly pretty) trousers and cotton shirts or t-shirts. Oh, and there has also been the Zlatan inspired man bun hairdo... Not very glamorous, but OK for just driving, hanging out on the floor of the cats kennel or in the couch.

hopefully this image will change over the next few weeks...
I'm getting so tired of living from a suitcase... I've been here over a week now, and before that I stayed in Emma's guest room for about five weeks and using the same pieces over and over again. I can't wait to unpack my clothes next week so I can start figuring out how I can dress like Annika while not feeling too much out of place - or sweaty - here. Future outfit posts will tell if I succeed!

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