Saturday, 25 June 2016

the bedroom: before + mood

So I have already shown you some photos of the house (sorry for bad quality iPhone photos) and now I'm going to start sharing my plans for how to furnish and decorate it! My strategy here has been sort of the same I have used when I work with other interior projects, but way simpler of course. To begin with I have decided what functions I want where, how I want the different spaces to feel and then (digitally) furnished with the pieces we already own, where they fit in the scheme. I have also composed lists for what we need to buy and add to achieve the wanted feeling and function. My tools have been mood boards and a SketchUp model of the house. At the moment I don't have a Revit license, otherwise I would probably have made the model there instead.

As this is a rental I have not planned to make any remodeling of the current structure of the house or to even paint any walls. Even though I might have had big dreams of rooms painted in deep, tropically inspired blues and greens... We'll see over time if this changes.

Anyway, enough background. Let's start with the bedroom:
This room is almost square in shape and quite big. It's a corner room with windows on two sides and a double built in wardrobe.


Mood board:

inspiration found here: 1, 2, 3 & 4

I want a calm and clean space where it will be easy to relax. As this will be a combined bedroom and "dressing room" I want storage of clothes and accessories to be well organized and easy to access. I've chosen a light and soft color scheme that work with what we already have and I hope to not have too much clutter in here. I will mostly furnish with a bunch of IKEA furniture we have owned since we first moved in together, supplemented over the years as we moved in to places with bigger bedrooms.

The challenges here will be to keep it tidy and not end up having clothes all over the place.

Shopping list
  • green plant(s)
  • bedspread in a light color
  • hooks for hanging clothes on the walls
  • big, white and fluffy carpets
  • possibly some shelves
  • bedside lamps
Want to see more of what inspires me right now? Have a look here

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