Thursday, 23 June 2016

the chess of the green fields

When I walk from our hotel past Andreas office and onward to the house we are moving in to I walk by one of the social clubs and its football field. Every time I see a football-field with its emerald green grass and white goalposts gleaming in the sun I get super nostalgic. I remember all of the football camps I used to go on as a kid, the matches we played, the comradely and the rides in our coach blue Volkswagen van with loud music on and everybody singing along. Football - or soccer if you are american - was such a big part of my childhood and teenage years. I tried playing again when I was older, I joined a team in Gothenburg when I was about 25 and another in Stavanger when I was 28 but it was never the same. I'm pretty sure there wont be any opportunity for me to play here, it would surprise me if they had any kind of ladies or co-ed team, and even so I would probably die of heat stroke if I tried. But I do miss it. Every summer I do.

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