Wednesday, 29 June 2016

the entrance: before + mood

The next room I'm sharing with you in this little introduction to my plans for our new house is the smallest one - the entrance. If you remember the floor plan the entrance is pretty much just a corner of the living room. As you might guess from my plan sketch I have divided the living room into 4 different functions, and even though they are all in the same space I have also made 4 different mood boards and will present them in different blog posts. Mostly because it's fun and I'm the boss here.

Anyway, here goes. The entrance just consist of the few square meters right inside the main entrance door. As opposed to what I am used to from Scandinavian homes it is neither walled off or have an extra durable flooring, obviously for climate reasons...


Mood board

inspiration photos from here: 1. 2. 3

I want a de-cluttered and open entrance. As this is a tiny space, function will have to go before aesthetics, and I have chosen to use as much white as possible, with a few exceptions. I also didn't want this space to compete with the other parts of the bigger room. There's no need for storage of coats or jackets, so the only thing we need to keep here is shoes, bags and keys. And a mirror, for last minutes hairdo-checks, obvs.

Shopping list:
  • small shelf or list for keys and mail
  • baskets for storage
  • door mat or bigger mat for the whole are in durable material, like sisal or jute
To see more of what inspires me for the house right now, have a look at my Pinterest

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