Sunday, 26 June 2016

the tropical garden, thoughs and plans

It's going to be so interesting and exiting to have a tropical garden to work with! I mean besides all of the new plants and trees to get used to, you also have to take monkeys and monsoons into consideration...

Here are a few photos (iPhone only again, I'm sorry) from what the garden looks like now. I has some trees, brown grass, some piles of garden waste and a few bushes. It also have potential.

front of the house
leaves of one of the big trees at the driveway
the front of the garden, where some random cars parked the other day
also front of the garden, with the monkey-safe garbage-can cage
back of the house, where the drying rack is
also back of the house
leaves of another one of the big trees
detail that I kind of want to hide...
stem overgrown with something

And here's a plan where you can see the garden in relation to the house and streets. As you can see there is quite a lot of empty lawn - and the grass isn't very grown in. The view from the garden down in the left corner is really boring and the "hedge" there is very sparse. Otherwise there are some quite beautiful large trees.

I already told you about our shopping spree, and that we are planning to make this garden a bit more green and tropical, but here's an illustration of what I have in mind, at least as first steps.

The three solitaires on the lawn are the two palms from this post and the banana plant. I also want to fill in the hedge a bit with lower but denser bushes to give the garden more privacy. On the right side of the house I plan to add a small kitchen garden and along the front of the house under the porch I want to have some flowering bushes. On the left side I want to add something that shields the backside a bit so I can hang out there in my bikini. 

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