Friday, 17 June 2016

week one, a summary

I arrived here in Panaga, Brunei the night between last Thursday and Friday, so now I have been here a full week already. It feels a bit strange. Somehow I'm still in standby mode but I guess that will all change when we get our house and furniture on Tuesday and can start actually settling in.

So what has this first week been like, you ask? Not extremely eventful, I answer! I have been driving back and forth to the quarantine kennel twice a day since Saturday, sometimes with Andreas, and sometimes by myself. I have eaten a Ramadan buffet with a group of people I don't know - it was nice! And I have received 2 huge mosquito bites. I have watched a bunch of episodes of Elementary on Netflix, a series that I think is surprisingly good, and I have eaten toast 4 times. I have also worked out a little bit, and today I got lost twice on the beach, the first time on my very short morning run, and the second time on my afternoon walk. 

The best thing about this week is that I feel OK with driving, even though eyes feel weird and I have to make sure I don't sit i front of the computer or read too much before driving. The worst thing has been the cats having to be in quarantine. I wrote a long post yesterday about the cats and their move here, it's posted on my second blog - here

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