Tuesday, 12 July 2016

going home

I've been here in Brunei for little more than a month now. During these first few weeks I have mostly spent time at the quarantine, in our hotel room and now in our new house, unpacking. I haven't done a lot of exploring or socializing and I guess that why it feels like life here hasn't really started yet. This feeling is even stronger since I'm actually traveling to Sweden today. It makes the time I've spent here feel like a holiday, although with very little holiday content... But I hope that when I come back it will feel different. Now I will have a home to long for while I'm there, with Andreas and the cats and all my things. I plan to keep on having a "vacation" until the beginning of September, when I plan to be back on some kind of normal routines, but even so, I'm sure coming back here in August will feel better - and more real -  than when I came here this time to just live in a sad hotel.

I most likely won´t blog while I'm in Sweden, but hopefully the content of this little space will improve once I'm back and have access to a functional study and wifi. Til then, hope your summer is awesome! 

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