Thursday, 18 August 2016

animals being sneaky

Under our porch there's a few old planks, left by the previous tenants I guess. I have a plan for one of them, DIY-ing a shelf for the hallway, but the plank needed to be cleaned up first. So I wanted to move it to a dryer spot. Considering it's been there for a while I figured there might be nasty bugs or something hiding under there so I was a bit careful while lifting it. And this big, brown lizard wriggled out! It was like 20 cm long and my brain first thought it was a snake. Oh jeeezuz I screamed. And it wasn't one of those fancy, ladylike "iiiiiiiiiih" screams either, noooo. More of an "oäääägh!" shrieks. While hop-dancing away and up the stairs with high knees and flopping arms, like some kind of bird. Afterwards I was shaking like crazy, giggling a little bit in embarrassment and casually looking around to see if anybody had seen me. I was lucky, no one had.

Later that evening I asked Andreas to move the plank. But to be fair I did tell him about the lizard. 

On a side note the same day I thought I had lost Hugo. I was looking all over  in the house for him, and was starting to think I had left a door open so he could have gone outside -highly unlikely because he's a scaredy-cat and hates going outside, but the brain does weird things when stressed. My heart had started to race a bit. But then I found the little gremlin in the closet. Sigh. 

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