Thursday, 11 August 2016

grocery shopping

We live about ten minutes walk away from the closest super market. Which is good, without a car it would have been hard to get a hold of groceries otherwise. The shop we go to is called SupaSave and has mostly imported goods, a lot of it from Australia. It caters to the big expat community here of course. I like this shop, it has most of the things you need for everyday life. It's really big, bright and clean, but slightly confusing to navigate. Not all of the items are placed in what I would call a logical manner. Like today when I was looking for coconut milk and found it next to the baking products. Or the way you can find the same item (in this case goat milk) at two completely different locations. Some things we have searched for and have noticed it's out of stock and then it continues to be out of stock for weeks. But it's a lot of fun browsing thorough some of the more exotic items and walk among the long shelves with neatly stacked cans and cartons, all with the label facing out. 


  1. Det måste vara så roligt att handla matvaror i ett annat land. I alla fall i början när allt är nytt och exotiskt :P

    1. roligt, absolut! Och stundtals förvirrande och frustrerande! :)