Friday, 5 August 2016

Herräng 2016: dance dance dance

Last year I went to Herräng Dance Camp for the first time. You can read about that here. This year I went again, of course. So much was exactly the same, we lived in the same house,  rented bikes to go back and forth to the classes during the days and parties during the nights, the camp looked pretty much like it did last year and it was bloody brilliant to be there. Like it was last year. But maybe not exactly as brilliant as last year. My dear friend Alison wasn't there, for one. And I guess having loved it so much the first time the second time was bound to suffer from some high expectations...
Aaaanywho, it was fabulous. Good classes with teachers like Hasse and Marie that I've had several times before, but also a bunch of other teacher-couples new to me that I really liked, like Felix and Pamela and Anders and Marie.

This year I was a bit more lazy and didn't take all the classes. I also didn't go to more than two meetings which in hindsight I might regret a tiny bit. I guess I was prioritizing hanging out with my friends more, since I wont see them much in the future. 


This year I didn't have as much fun at Blues night, mostly because I had a few weird dances that felt more like hugging while slowly swaying - not in time with the music - but I had a few pretty good dances too, especially with my two lead-friends Steve and Rich. Masquerade night was fun - my housemates and me dressed up like Breaking Bad characters! My favorite evening was the last one, the Savoy Night. I had some fantastic dances with leads I've never danced with before, always a confidence boost! This night I was also up the latest and by 2:00 am the dance-floors get a bit less crowded and it's more fun to dance.

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